Growing Food Tourism

A new Northumberland food tourism working group has formed, recognizing the benefits that food tourism can provide to our community. The industry-led working group will be looking at initiatives that connect visitors with authentic experiences of cultural value with local food and drink. The group formed as a result of the recent  “Grow Food Tourism in Northumberland” January 2020 report by the Culinary Tourism Alliance. The report provides a comprehensive look at the current state of food tourism in Northumberland and an industry guide to decision-making around which product(s) or initiative(s) to pursue to grow tourism in Northumberland. The Grow Food Tourism in Northumberland project was made possible through a partnership with Northumberland Tourism and Regional Tourism Organization 8 (RTO8).

For more information on the report and food tourism working group, contact Diane Murenbeeld.

Group of Food Tourism Committee members in boardrooom