In some emergency situations, it may not be safe for you to be in your home. If you are requested to leave your home due to a hazardous situation, you may be asked to go to an evacuation shelter. There are a number of buildings that are designated for evacuation use across the County.

What should you do if ordered to evacuate?

  • Follow evacuation instructions as directed
  • Remain calm
  • Take your ready-to-go 72-Hour Survival Kit and medications with you
  • Offer to assist neighbours who may not be able to evacuate on their own
  • Avoid bringing your pets to the shelter unless you do not have another safe place for them to stay
  • Listen to media reports for announcements from your local emergency officials

At the shelter

When you arrive at a reception or evacuation shelter, Northumberland County Emergency Social Service staff wearing blue vests will greet you and direct you to a registration desk.

In addition to County staff, we have a number of community partners who may be on-site to assist with providing emergency shelter services to you and your family once you have registered at the centre.

Shelter services may include:

  • Food (Salvation Army)
  • Sleeping accommodations, if required (Red Cross)
  • First Aid (St. John Ambulance)
  • Clothing and personal needs items such as toiletries (Red Cross)
  • Personal supports (Northumberland County, Victim Services)
  • Information updates (Northumberland County)
  • Infection prevention and control (HKPR Health Unit)
  • Safety and Security (OCEAP)
  • Domestic pet services (Municipal Animal Services)

If you have somewhere else you can go, you may sign out of the shelter after you have completed your registration. When signing out of the shelter, you should let shelter staff know where they can contact you.