Northumberland County Housing Corporation

Northumberland County Housing Corporation LogoNorthumberland County Housing Corporation (NCHC) is a community housing provider with over 366 owned and operated housing units in Northumberland County. Additional units are currently under development at the Elgin Park Redevelopment and the Ontario Street housing development in Cobourg.

The NCHC provides rent-geared-to-income (RGI) and affordable rental options to low-income households in Northumberland. For information on how to apply for housing, please visit our Subsidized Housing page.

To access NCHC policies, tenant forms, news and notices, please see our Tenant Information page.

Learn more about NCHC

  • The NCHC 2023-2027 Strategic Plan outlines our vision, mission, values and strategic goals for 2023-2027.
  • The NCHC 2023 Annual Report provides more information about our history, services, recent achievements and key objectives.
  • The NCHC Asset Management Plan identifies our strategic vision around seeking and seizing opportunities to meet the affordable housing needs of all residents in our communities.

Attend a Virtual NCHC meeting

Members of the public are welcome to virtually attend NCHC Board meetings. Meetings usually take place the fourth Wednesday of each month at 1:30 p.m. over Zoom (an online, interactive meeting platform). The Zoom link for each meeting will be posted at the top of the agenda.

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Board of Directors

Northumberland County is the sole shareholder of the NCHC and gives direction to its Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is responsible for the budget, upholding corporate by-laws, agreements, and reports; and for long-range strategic planning. The Board of Directors is comprised of County Council representatives, the Chief Administrative Officer of Northumberland County, and citizen directors that have a collective skillset which includes:

  • Knowledge of the social housing sector
  • Planning services, including knowledge of requirements and legislation in the multi-residential sector
  • Development planning, including asset management planning
  • Facilities management
  • Legal and financial expertise
  • Social services delivery, including the provision of service for housing insecure households
  • Knowledge of Northumberland County

Board members 

  • Victor Fiume, Chair
  • Steve Gilchrist, Vice-Chair
  • Cathy Borowec, Secretary
  • Anneke Russel
  • Lindsey Reed
  • Lou Rinaldi
  • Jaqueline Pennington
  • Maryam Mohajer-Ashjai
  • Jennifer Moore
  • Councillor Mandy Martin
  • Councillor John Logel

Board meeting agendas and minutes

2024 agendas and minutes

2023 agendas and minutes 

2022 agendas and minutes

If you require copies of NCHC agendas and minutes from 2019, 2020 and 2021, please complete our Resource Request form

Construction Standards Sub-Committee

The Construction Standards Sub-Committee will work to establish standards for new NCHC affordable housing builds that include both construction-specific standards and tenant-centred standards. 

Construction Standards Sub-Committee meeting agendas and minutes 

2023 meeting agendas and minutes 

Director Recruitment Sub-Committee 

The Director Recruitment Sub-Committee will lead the recruitment of vacant director positions. 

Director Recruitment Sub-Committee meeting agendas and minutes 

2024 meeting agendas and minutes 
2023 meeting agendas and minutes 

Levels of Service Sub-Committee 

The Levels of Service Sub-Committee will work to establish levels of service for the NCHC, focusing on maintenance services and tenant experiences. This work has been identified as a priority area in the NCHC Strategic Plan and the NCHC Asset Management Plan.

Levels of Service Sub-Committee meeting agendas and minutes 

 2024 Meeting Agendas and Minutes 
 2023 Meeting Agendas and Minutes