Tickets, Fines and Collections

TEXT SCAM ALERT: We have been alerted that some members of the public are receiving text messages from phone numbers claiming to be from the 'Ontario Courts'. These text messages may include malicious links that could put your personal information at risk. Please note the Provincial Offences office will not contact you by text message. Do not click any suspicious links asking for ticket payment or personal information by text. To securely check the status of your ticket or pay a fine, please follow the instructions below or contact our office.

Our Provincial Offences office handles charges under the Provincial Offences Act and municipal by-laws.

Access remote proceedings

Use the meeting information below to access remote proceedings on Wednesdays and Fridays only (not for resolution meetings). For more information, please review the Ontario Court of Justice video court protocol.

Join online

Join by phone or view full meeting details
Join by phone (toll-free): 1-855-703-8985
Meeting ID: 706 538 6964
Passcode: 830526
Participant ID: press #

Check the status of your ticket

Get information about tickets or fines, including how much you owe and where to pay:

Check your ticket status

Options for different types of tickets 

The type of ticket you get impacts which options you have to pay or appeal it:

Offence notice (ICON location code 2760)

You need to choose one of the options found on your ticket within 15 days.

Option 1: Plead guilty – pay the whole fine

This is an admission of guilt. You must pay the ‘total payable' in full. Once you pay, the conviction is on your driver's record. This may include demerit points that go with some Highway Traffic Act offences.

Pay online

You can also pay:

  • In person
  • By mail
  • Over the phone with a Visa or MasterCard (Visa Debit is currently not accepted): 905-372-3329 ext. 5300

Option 2: Meeting with the Justice of the Peace

This is a plea of guilty. You will have a chance to discuss the length of time needed to pay the ticket but the demerit points, the charge and total cost stays the same. The Justice of the Peace will not reduce a ticket.

The Justice of the Peace will only accept a guilty plea and can give you a longer time to pay.

This option is available by appointment only.

Call 905-372-3329 ext. 5300 for the Justice of the Peace’s availability.

Option 3: Resolution meeting and/or trial option

You can speak to the prosecutor and come to an agreement about your offence(s) without going to trial. If an agreement is made, you and the prosecutor will go before the Justice of the Peace to record the agreement.

If you do not come to an agreement, you can request a future trial date. If you choose to go to trial, you will receive your trial date by mail.

To choose this option:
  • Sign under option 3
  • Provide your telephone number and email (if available)
  • Write trial or resolution on the ticket
  • Mail, email, fax or drop off your ticket to the Provincial Offences office
    • If you choose to email the notice, please scan both sides of the ticket to be included in your email.

Provincial Offences Act staff are committed to providing a response within 48 hours of receipt or your message.

Parking tickets

Parking tickets vary by municipality. Please read the instructions on the back of your ticket. Please contact the municipality that issued the ticket for information on how and where to pay.

We do not have access to your parking ticket information until the municipality notifies our court. This can take between 35-65 days after you receive the ticket.


An officer will issue a summons for more serious offences. It has no set fine amount. If you have received a summons, you or your representative (lawyer or licensed paralegal) will have to attend the court date. The summons notice includes a date, time and court location. Please note that there is no duty counsel provided for any Provincial Offence matters. 

What to do if you can't attend your summons date

In emergencies, you can send someone to appear for you. The person has to be at least 16 years old and needs your written consent. It is up to the court to approve a change of court date. A new date will be set if the adjournment is granted. If the adjournment request is denied, the court will address your matter in your absence.

If no one appears on your summons date, a trial date will be scheduled. You will not receive further notice. You do not need to be in court to be found guilty and sentenced. If no one attends, you must contact the Provincial Offences office to find out the outcome of your court appearance.

More information


Please refer to the Guide to Appeals in Provincial Offences for more information.

Courtroom conduct

  • Silence is required — all cellphones and tablets must be turned off.

  • You may not use cameras, recording devices or phones.

  • You may not eat, drink, chew gum or read newspapers in the courtroom.

  • Please remove sunglasses and hats (excluding religious head coverings).

  • Appropriate attire is required.

  • Please stand when the Justice of the Peace enters or leaves the courtroom.

  • Please do not make noise, enter or leave the courtroom while the Justice of the Peace is speaking.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Disclosure requests

Disclosure is a copy of the officer's notes. How you can request disclosure depends on the ticket you received.

Disclosure for traffic tickets

To request disclosure for a traffic ticket, please complete our Disclosure Request Form.

Disclosure for summonses

If you received a summons, disclosure may be available on the date indicated on your ticket.

If requesting disclosure or evidence, please email the following information to

  • Full name (as it appears on your drivers licence)
  • Date of birth
  • Driver licence number
  • Court location
  • In the email subject line: "Please send disclosure"

If you have any questions please contact the Crown Attorney's office by telephone at 905-372-8784.

Disclosure for other charges

For charges from other enforcement agencies please complete and submit your request directly to them:

Extension of time to pay a fine

If you cannot pay your fine by the due date, you can apply for an extension. To do this, you must file a Motion for Extension of Time to Pay. You can submit this form in person or by mail, email or fax. 

Fax: (905)-372-6529

Please ensure you provide an updated mailing address, email or telephone number on your form.

Failure to pay

Failure to pay your fine by the due date can cause:

  • Suspended driver's license
  • License plate denial
  • Additional fees
  • Collection agency assignment

Learn how you can reinstate a suspended driver’s licence.


  • You have 15 days to apply for a reopening after becoming aware of the conviction.
  • You must complete the reopening and then get it signed and stamped by a Commissioner of Oath.
  • If your reopening is granted, you will be given a new resolution meeting date or a new trial date.
  • If the reopening is not granted, the conviction will remain.

Submitting evidence for video trials

Electronic filing of Exhibits before trial

Prosecutors and defendants should e-mail their proposed Exhibits that need to be submitted for their trial to the POA Office no later than five business days before trial.

Email materials to our team

E-mail format

Subject line in the following format: DEFENDANT LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, TRIAL DATE, TIME
Clearly name each attachment with description of content.
Maximum file size: 5MB
Preferred format for documents: PDF

Non-electronic filing before trial

Prosecutors and defendants unable to file proposed Exhibits electronically should file their materials by paper no later than 5 business days before trial.

Documents can be delivered in person or mailed to:

Provincial Offences-Lower Level
860 William St
Cobourg, ON
K9A 3A9


A transcript is a typed record of a court proceeding.

If you would like to order a transcript of a Court proceeding, please refer to the official transcriptionist directory for more information.

Forms and resources


Change of address

Please note that we must be notified of an address change separately from changing your address at Service Ontario.

The Change of Address Form changes your address on active files in the Northumberland County region only.

Guide for Defendants in Provincial Offences Cases

For general information about the court process for provincial offences cases, please view the Guide for Defendants in Provincial Offences Cases.

Replace missing documentation

If you have misplaced your ticket, you can choose an option with the Missing Documentation form.

If you need help filling in the form, please call the office at 905-372-3329 ext. 5300.

The form can be submitted in-person or by fax, email or mail.

Fax: (905)-373-6529

Request an interpreter

Court Interpreters assist you with translation. All interpreter requests must be made 6 weeks in advance.

  • For trials, indicate what language you need on your Notice of Intention to Appear.
  • If you did not ask for an interpreter on the form you submitted, complete our Interpreter Request Form.

What is the Victim Fine Surcharge?

You have to pay a Victim Fine Surcharge on every fine except parking. The fee is added by the Province of Ontario. It is collected to help victims of crime. The amount varies based on the amount of your set fine.

Victim Fine Surcharge Chart