Northumberland Enumeration

On September 29, 2021 we will be completing a homelessness count across Northumberland County. This will help us to collect information and data about how many people are experiencing homelessness on a single day of the year and will be used to make decisions on how to plan programs and services to help meet the needs of Northumberland residents who do not have access to permanent stable housing. Trained staff from various agencies will be talking to people and helping them complete the survey throughout the day in a range of locations including shelters, parks, towns areas and in places where people can get access to services like food banks and social services. 

The Province of Ontario calls this homelessness count an enumeration and requires the results be reported by December 15, 2021. After the homelessness count is completed, Northumberland County Community and Social Services will share a summary of the results with the community. This is the third time that we have completed a count like this in Northumberland. 

Please see the  2018 Enumeration Report.