By Name List Data and Information

By-Name List (BNL) is a real time list of all people who are experiencing homelessness in Northumberland County.  This list is consent driven, which means that individuals and families may choose to not provide consent to be included on this list. Services and support can still be offered and accepted by people who do not provide consent to be on the list.

This list helps the community partners of the Homelessness Coordinated Response Team (HCRT) know every person experiencing homelessness by name, understand their needs and connect them to services, supports, and available housing.  Every two weeks community partners meet to update details on this list and to see how better connections to resources can be made for each person on the list. 

Northumberland County Community and Social Services is the service manager and works with community partners to manage and develop the BNL.  Northumberland County only uses basic information from the BNL, taking out any names and identifying information and sends reports on monthly data to Built For Zero Canada (insert link to BFZ-C here) as a part of our community’s commitment to ending chronic homelessness.  Some of this monthly data includes the number of people in a month who:

  • Are actively experiencing chronic homelessness (homeless for 180 days or more in the last 12 months)
  • Have found housing
  • Are taken off of the list because they are either no longer working with agencies in the community, or have asked to have their name taken off of the list