2023-2027 Community Strategic Plan

Cover page of 2023-2027 Community Strategic PlanNorthumberland County is on the cusp of transformational change. Set to grow to over 122,000 residents by 2051, the intersection of critical requirements related to workforce development, housing, transportation, health, and broadband connectivity reveals a clear overarching mandate for our organization:

To guide this growth with intention. 

In the face of both opportunities and challenges arising from this anticipated growth, this strategic plan will be the County’s principal guidance document. It will inform how we shape our community in alignment with the County’s mission, vision and values, Council’s direction, and shared community priorities.


To bring together people, partnerships and possibilities for a strong and vibrant Northumberland County.


To be a best practices leader in county government, and a collaborative partner with member municipalities and community partners.


  • Accountability
  • Care & Support
  • Collaboration & Communication
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Innovation & Excellence
  • Mutual Trust & respect

The development of this plan involved consultation with Council, staff, residents, businesses, and community partners. The end result is a well-informed plan that positions actions in response to the opportunities and challenges facing our community.

Principal Direction

The Community Strategic Plan Principal Direction is a shared vision for the future of Northumberland, based on a consolidation of feedback gathered through this process: 

Northumberland is recognized as a vibrant and connected twenty-first century county. We embrace innovation, respect our natural environment, celebrate diversity, and care for one another. Together, we are shaping an inclusive, prosperous, and thriving community for all. 

Strategic pillars

Five strategic pillars will underpin the important work required to actively pursue this vision:
Icon of hand holding a gear with three stars above Innovate for Service Excellence
Icon of shining lightbulb with dollar sign in it Ignite Economic Opportunity
Icon of three people reaching toward each other in a circle with a heart in the centre Foster a Thriving Community
Icon of small plant coming up out of the ground, encircled by two arrows pointing in either direction, showing a continuous circle around the plant Propel Sustainable Growth
Icon of three hands piled on top of each other Champion a Vibrant Future

Northumberland County will regularly assess its progress in delivering the strategic priorities outlined in this plan. This includes reporting on actions taken to achieve the stated goals and objectives, and on alignment of key outcomes with overall strategic direction.

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Advancing priorities in the plan

Watch the short video below to see highlights of some of the initiatives completed or underway in 2023, to advance priorities in our Community Strategic Plan.

Check on our progress

We will be taking steps to provide regular updates on progress towards key goals and fulfillment of service commitments outlined in our Strategic Plan. These updates are available on our Performance Dashboard, which tracks over 30 indicators across a range of topics, including:

  • expansion of licensed child care spaces
  • paramedic response times
  • financial performance
  • small businesses launched
  • general indicators of community health and growth
  • waitlist for subsidized housing

Each metric is accompanied by an explanation of its importance, how it is measured, and performance data over time. The dashboard will be updated regularly – either quarterly or annually depending on the metric, with some data pulled from the national census every four years – to reflect the latest data and insights. 

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