Accessibility Policies

Northumberland County is committed to meeting our requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

We believe in equal access for everyone. We believe in integration and we are committed to treating people in ways that maintain dignity and independence.

Our accessibility policy

We look to remove and prevent barriers to accessibility. To help us, our HR 4.1.5 Accessibility policy outlines our procedures related to:

  • Accessible customer service – guiding principles for providing accessible customer service
  • Alternative format documents – the process for providing alternative formats of documents when requested
  • AODA training – basic information about the content, timing, method and records of training County staff on our policies and practices.
  • Assistive devices – your right to use personal assistive devices to access our goods and services, as well as devices available on-site such as:
    • Alternative format documents
    • Automatic door openers
    • Elevators
    • Magnifying glasses
    • Staff assistance
  • Integrated Accessibility Standards – our requirements and direction for the Employment, Information & Communication and Transportation Standards in accordance with the Integrated Accessibility Standard Regulation (IASR)
  • Notice of temporary service disruption – the process for providing notice when there is a temporary disruption in any of our services
  • Service animals and support persons – ensures that both you and any service animals or support people that you might use are welcome and have access to the areas of our premises that are open to the public

Accessible employment

We will make every effort to meet the accessibility needs of potential employees and volunteers. We will:

  • notify job applicants about the availability of recruitment-related accommodations when posting job opportunities
  • notify job applicants when selected to participate in a hiring process, that accommodations are available for the materials or processes used during the process
  • consult with selected applicants to provide suitable accommodations that consider their accessibility needs
  • notify successful applicants of our policies for accommodating employees with disabilities when making job offers

Our Accommodating Disabilities policy outlines how we will provide accommodations across all stages of the employment cycle.

Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

We prepare an Accessibility Annual Status report each year to provide an update on the actions we have taken to prevent and remove barriers for people with disabilities.

Our Multi-Year Accessibility Plan serves as a road map, outlining our legislative requirements and the actions we will take to meet our commitments.