How to Build Your Tourism Packages

What is a tourism package?

A package, from a tourism perspective, is the linking of a number of individual products/services into a single experience, typically for a single price. 

A package is a saleable item, with a set price for a set period of time.

Why Packages Work

A package helps a tourist buy your services and adds value  at your destination – generating increased sales and longer stays.

Packages can also provide options for the time strapped visitor and introduce potential guests to other services and activities available in the community.

There is a broad range of products and services that can be linked in a package, including:

  • Food and beverage
  • Accommodation
  • Built attraction - museum, art gallery, theme park etc.
  • Natural attraction - waterfalls, scenic vistas etc.
  • Transportation
  • Programming – gourmet cooking, wine tasting, wood carving etc.
  • Guided tour
  • Entertainment – theatre performance, stage show, concert
  • Event/festival
  • Shopping
  • Activity – hiking, kayaking, alpine skiing, snowmobiling
  • Ability to experience local culture

Packages can be linked in many ways and for a variety of lengths of time – from a half day to multiple day packages. 

It is important to note that packages are not limited to the group market and, in fact, are getting increased demand from the independent traveller.