About Us

Key Activities

As part of Northumberland County's Economic Development department, Northumberland Tourism works to grow tourism. Tourism is solid business here, with tourist receipt reported annually at $120 million.  

To find out more about what we do and how we can help your tourism business, download our printable and accessible Tourism Services guide.

To grow our tourism industry and support tourism businesses, our destination development services include:

Industry Services

  • product development
  • workforce development
  • improving the quality of the tourist experience
  • developing strategies to for long-term development 
  • increasing the economic impact of underdeveloped or underperforming tourism assets.

Marketing and Research

Our main target audience represents adult adventurers, fun families, and retired roamers within the geographic area of the Golden Horseshoe/GTA, southern Ontario, eastern Canada, bordering the US. 

We work to position Northumberland County as a year-round tourism destination, within close proximity to the visitor's origin. We offer a diversity of experiences ranging from:

  • outdoor recreation
  • heritage and culture (festivals, arts and entertainment)
  • shopping 
  • spa and wellness 

Consumer Services

Our tourism department has an in-house call centre to responds to consumer/travel trade inquiries and requests which can include fulfilment packages, referral, itinerary building and site visits for travel trade.

Our goal is to convert a potential visitor's intent to visit into an actual visit.  Call centre staff engage customers to fully experience Northumberland and spend more.

Screenshot of Northumberland Tourism Services brochure 


Northumberland Tourism is a proud member of the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario.

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