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The Faster Forward Business Success Coaching Program is a free program focused on enabling businesses to “scale up” to a greater level of suc­cess by working with successful business owners from a great variety of fields.

You will have access to a select group of experienced, successful business experts to help achieve your business growth by strategizing, helping to determine and work towards your business goals.

The program connects you with the ca­reer-long knowledge and experi­ence of a panel of local volunteer coach­es who are keen to serve as your advisors. They will share their expertise with you as they have owned or managed companies and have specific skills in areas such as marketing, finance, sales, strategic planning, human resources, and organizational management.


  • Typically in business 6 months or more 
  • Ongoing , regular sales (approximate average $40,000 in yearly sales)
  • Proven business concept operating full time
  • Owner is self-motivated and looking to grow 
  • Business is based in Northumberland County

Some exceptions may apply at discretion of Program Coordinator. Once approved, you will identify your top challenges and current business needs, to help us understand your requirements. As needed, you will be connected to the roster of volunteer coaches with the skills you are looking for.

Program objectives

  1. To increase the retention/survival rate of participating businesses
  2. To retain existing jobs and create new job
  3. To strengthen working relationships with community partners in order to expand and improve services to small business

Program elements

  • Ongoing individual coaching sessions are held at your convenience
  • You are assigned a personal program coordinator that is your link to the program and coaches as needed
  • i-Plan: Planning & Prioritizing Workshop
  • Online education
  • Micro growth grants

Your company will receive consulting expertise from our coaching team that has more than 500 years of combined business knowledge. The Faster Forward Program serves small businesses and entrepreneurs in Northum­berland County that are engaged in sectors such as retail, service, hospitality, small manufacturing, and food/beverage. We’re here to help you plan and grow your business over time.

The Faster Forward Business Success Program has helped over 100 local Northumberland County businesses to scale up to become more successful. View program participant testimonials on the Client Showcase page.

Contact the BECN for further program information and application information. 

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